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Subscription Box


VIA is a 12-month subscription box project that sends boxes monthly from 12 different countries. Allow subscribers to enjoy eclectic experience of culture worldwide.



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Package Design

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VIA box can give the recipient an immersive experience of traveling the world, just as receiving a package from the closest friend, who shares the most precious memories, experience, and stories during the trip. The name VIA comes from the word via, meaning the recipient could travel the world via VIA box.

VIA Japan

Japan box is one of the 12 boxes from VIA subscription box. Japan is a popular travel destination in worldwide, rich as it is in both traditional culture and technical innovation. I choose Japan as my project's theme not only because it's an amazing travel destination, but also a gathering area of oriental culture than could give my target audience an eclectic experience. 

Pattern Design

The pattern on the external box is designed to demonstrate the theme. When the subscribers receive the box, they can only figure out the destination by guessing the pattern on the box. Also, the painting techniques would be different depends on the destination. 

Travel Journal

Each VIA box will come with a handwritten style travel journal. The journal allows people to know the stories behind each item in the box and profoundly experience the destination. It can also be used as a perfect travel guide and the blank pages would allow subscribers to take notes and plan their own trips.

VIA box gives a diverse experience by using five senses: hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste, to allow the recipient enjoy an eclectic journey. 

Design Process


Full Process

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