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Designed to Last

Di Humidifier


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Product Design



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An ultrasonic humidifier that has a long life span and blends into its environment perfectly, bringing nature to your home.


Interviewed and observed humidifier users, finding problems from existing products

“ All the humidifiers are made of plastics. I had three humidifiers, but none of them fit my living room style.”

“ I don’t use any other functions other than on/off button.”

“ The refill process is annoying because when I try to refill the Vicks humidifier I don’t have the place to put the blue wet part.”


Summarized insights from research and brainstormed opportunities

The Humidifier is not only a tool, it is also an important part of interior decoration.

Allow users to use the humidifier as a decoration item, and have it around them even when it’s off.

The buying motivation of humidifier users is very simple - create humidity in the air.

Allow users to use a single movement to operate the humidifier.

Users can find that the refill experience is frustrating after using it.

Allow users to refill the water as a natural habit.

It's difficult for users to maintain the humidifiers after a few years.

Allow users to keep the humidifier for years with a fairly new appearance


Ideating and sketching different forms of humidifiers depends on studies and interviews

three concept directions

Final Concept

The constant dripping waterdrop wears away the stone so that the product creates an emotional attachment to the user. Also, it would remind users how long they have been using this product. 

Form Development

Developing a variety of forms to achieve a balance of aesthetics and function
The final form fits the function the best and meets all the criteria

Final Form

Test it out

Going through a variation of mock-up tests and comparing them to current products throughout the development process

Working Mockups

Researched on all the parts in the humidifier and simplified the structure


Tried different natural materials and found out wood would be the best option


Redesigned the structure in SolidWorks and 3D printed test parts

Electronic Components

Rearranged electronic components and fit into the new product

final model making

​How It Works

How It Works

Mechanism and using scenario
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