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Lisa is a smart watch and also a mobile app designed to help pregnant mothers count baby kicks and workout safely and efficiently.


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UI/UX Design

Group Work


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Alex Ding (Design Director)

Dehao Zhao


Under the pregnancy mode, Lisa will analyze baby's fetal kicking and make sure the baby is growing and developing. If there's a problem, she will notice and remind the mother to contact the doctor for advice.


Under the fitness mode, She is also a prenatal exercise instructor. She will guide pregnant moms to workout safely and efficiently.

Introducing Lisa

Lisa is the name of this character designed to help pregnant mothers monitor their health situations. She has two modes which are pregnancy and fitness.


How It Works




UI Design


​Landing Page

Login/Sign up

Sign up Page

SMS Register


Pregnancy Mode

Baby Kicks Overview

Nighttime Data

Daytime Data


Fitness Mode

Fitness Overview

Daily Page

Weekly Page

Card-Based User Interface

Lisa is designed with a cards-based user interface which can display content composed of different elements easily. Lisa's cards system consists of three types of cards: daily activity overview cards, goal setting cards and rewards cards. The background color of daily activity overview cards changes based on the user's active time period, for instance, if the user is active during the morning, the card would be yellow.

Style Guide

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